Winter CSA
About the CSAMembership

What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. CSA members purchase a “share” of the farm’s produce. In our Winter CSA, produce is delivered throughout the Winter season (generally November – April). The farmer benefits by having an established market while the members enjoy a wide variety of fresh, frozen, and value-added produce available. In addition, by joining a CSA, members are supporting small scale, local, sustainable farming, and in our case, members support a local year-round food system.

Meet Paul and Chris

We work hard, but we have a lot of fun too! Our passion has always been to grow great veg and to train new farmers in our techniques so that we can help change our food system.



We have a number of drop sites located around the Twin Cities and in the St. Croix Valley. Exact addresses are given when you sign up.


Thursdays & Saturdays
Oct 25 and 27
Nov 15 and 17
Dec 6 and 8
Jan 3 and 5th
Feb 7 and 9
Feb 28 and Mar 2
Mar 21 and 23
Apr 11 and 13
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We’re no longer accepting memberships for the 2018/2019 winter season. To learn more about becoming a member next year, click the button. 

Morganically Grown!!!!

“Morganic” means more than organic. “Certified Organic” is a useful term for food grown by farms thousands of miles away. We are developing a relationship in which both the farmer and consumer know and depend on each other. “Morganic” a term coined by one of our members, is local, grown without pesticides, herbicides or other harmful chemicals, varieties and ingredients are selected for health and taste, and produce sold directly to the consumer. You can talk to the farmers (us!) and tour the farm. That is the only way to be sure of what you are eating.