It always seems like a huge push to get the first delivery done. After that, they seem to be a bit easier. Maybe it’s nerves, maybe it’s all the paperwork and logistics of setting up the delivery routes and selling the last of the shares or maybe it’s just getting back into the pick and pack mentality.Whatever it is, we are always pleased to have it behind us!

We hope all of our members are happily munching their way through the box and thinking that it might not last till the next one comes on Nov. 21/23. For those of you who might be saying “oh my, what have we gotten ourselves into…we’ll never eat all this and what is that vegetable anyways?”, we have a few suggestions. The goal is to eat more vegetables and eating them in combinations can help in that Endeavour.


Potatoes: We will have a few different varieties over the winter. In this last box were Russets. These are the famous baked potato and actually the potato that is turned into most of the French fries in the country. We prefer not to peel them as it saves time and makes them more nutritious. Most of the fiber in a potato is in the skin and eating fiber with starches slows down the absorption of the sugars released from the starches. Potatoes are also a great source of potassium and vitamin C…who’d a figured?

Anyways, to clean up the skins I like to keep a green scrubby pad handy just for this task.

It will take any residual soil etc off and make the skins nice and smooth. We have been eating a lot of potatoes and kale lately.   A take on “Colcannon” or potatoes with cabbage, potatoes with kale is even healthier. Now, traditionally, this dish would have copious amounts of butter from a cow and maybe some sausage tossed in to make it a complete meal (go for it if that sounds good!…maybe go for a run first?). We make it by boiling potatoes which we slice about a quarter to half in thick to speed up cooking. We will often add carrot chunks as well. Remember, combine and conquer! When the potatoes are tender, we drain them, add steamed kale and, olive oil, milk or water and mash to a consistency you like, salt and pepper to taste and eat them up.   We also like to boil up a bunch of cubed potatoes till not quite cooked and store them in the frig for a quick dish of fried potatoes during the week.


Also use those cubed potatoes in a quick spinach coconut milk curry. Start the rice that you will eat the curry on first. Next, chop an onion and sauté in butter from a cow till they are translucent and the butter is browned a bit. Use a large deep frying pan or dutch oven on the stove top. Add one can of coconut milk and 1-2 TBS curry powder of your choice. Add more or less depending on how strong you like your curry. The color should be a rich orange-yellow.   Next, chop some mushrooms and toss them in followed by as much washed spinach as will fit in the pan with the cover on. Let the spinach wilt down and stir in. Add a cup or so of cubed, cooked potatoes and let the whole thing simmer till the potatoes are hot. Salt and pepper to taste. Add hot pepper flakes or cubed fish such as Mahi-mahi if you want to. Serve on rice. The whole thing takes about 20 minutes and uses onions, spinach, potatoes and mushrooms.   You could also add other veg such as sweet potato chunks or swap the spinach for swiss chard, turnip greens or kale.


I suggested one way to deal with the white hakurii turnips in the box which was to chop the greens coarsely, toss them in a pot followed by chunked turnips on top. Add an inch or water and bring to a hard boil with the cover on and cook till the turnips on top of the greens are tender. Drain, olive oil, salt and pepper and eat. If you don’t like that idea so much, try chopping the turnip part up and steaming them till just tender, drain, add butter FAC and mash them coarsely. I like a few chunks. Salt and pepper. Use the greens separately either as a cooked green..yum or in a soup or stew. Simmered, chopped turnip greens in a small amount of water makes a wonderfully flavored broth. Add some miso and you have a fine base for a simple soup.


I gotta go but I will try to add more ideas as the week goes on.

If you have a good idea, add it to ours by leaving a comment on this blog.


Keep Calm and Veg On.