Winter Shares include fresh and frozen produce as well as soups, quick breads and canned goods prepared in our certified kitchen. Foxtail also delivers cheese shares from Turnip Rock Farm. The cheese is fantastic! Here’s a link to the Turnip Rock share options http://turniprockfarm.csasignup.com/members/types. Want to know more about what a winter CSA is? Click here to visit the Winter CSA page. 

What’s a Bread Share? 8 deliveries of 1 sliced Whole Wheat loaf for $40. Our bread is made of 100% organic whole wheat flour. It also contains pureed Foxtail Farm potatoes for added moisture, Wisconsin honey for a touch of sweetness, and a little bit of organic olive oil. It is a basic but good sliced sandwich bread. Great for toast or a hearty sandwich. No dough conditioners, no added gluten, and no added unnecessary anything!

We have a number of dropsites located around the Twin Cities and in the St. Croix Valley. We deliver mainly to the northeast metro area (primarily east of 35 W and north of Hwy 62) and towns in and around the St. Croix Valley. Some are neighborhood drops at a house and some are at businesses.  Generally, though not always, neighborhood drops are on Saturdays and drops at businesses are on Thursdays. Box shares can also be picked up on the farm on either Thursdays or Saturdays. Click here to see the general location of the drop sites and the delivery day. The exact address will be sent when you become a member.

A 1-1/9 Bushel box (25-35 lbs) is delivered every three weeks from early November to mid April. (Taking a break in January). That’s 8 boxes for only $670. You can also add a Bread Share for an additional $40. If you are paying with a credit card, the cost is $690 for the full share and $41.50 for the bread share. 

Part of the whole idea of CSA is that the farmers are paid up front so they have funds to operate and so that you are participating in the risk of growing your food, that being said, we also understand how tight funds can be.  So, if you need to set up a payment plan, or you are interested in a work share, please contact us.

Delivery Dates (subject to weather changes)
Thursdays & Saturdays
10/26 and 10/28
11/16 and 11/18
12/7 and 12/9
12/28 and 12/30
2/8 and 2/10
3/1 and 3/3
3/22 and 3/24
4/12 and 4/14