Paul with onions fotoAfter a long stint for Paul in grad school working in plant biology, we bought our first farm in 1989. We started very small with a roadside stand on the farm and selling some produce wholesale through Hampden Park and North Country coops in the Twin Cities. Initially, we wanted to be able to eat fresh, healthy produce, grown without herbicides and pesticides. As we wanted to share that good, healthy alternative with others our “garden” kept expanding. Many of our early customers then were fighting illnesses like cancer and trying to find alternatives that would help support their bodies and immune systems.

Soon, we learned about the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) system and really loved the idea of knowing exactly who we were growing for, who was eating the produce of our labors. In 1998 we started a small CSA and hired our first interns.

Over the years we have expanded our CSA gradually and “raised” many kids (now adults!) on our produce. We moved across the river in 2004 to our current location near Osceola, Wisconsin. From our new location we joined the Farmer’s Market in Osceola. In 2013 we were cultivating about 19 acres and had a loyal membership of over 300 in our Summer CSA. We were training many interns and apprentices in our farm incubator program.Chris Burkhouse with Tomatoes

Our passion has always been to grow great veg and to train new farmers in our techniques so that we can help change our food system. In 2009 we decided to shift our growing focus to the challenge of winter (Paul’s idea) and use more fully our licensed on farm kitchen. By 2014 we were growing exclusively for our Winter CSA.

We continue to hire, educate, and support new farmers through our apprenticeship incubator program. They continue to grow for our local farmer’s market and are able to start setting up their own farming business.

We feel incredibly lucky to be able to do what we love, and thank our many loyal and enthusiastic members for their support!