Foxtail Farm

Visiting the Farm

We hope all of our members will visit the farm during the season to see where and how we grow your produce. In addition, if you feel like pitching in, there is always something for extra hands to do! (Although our members are under no obligation to work.)

In you want to visit, please give us a call first as our schedule varies from day to day and sometimes gets pretty crazy.

As for more organized farm activities, we typically have a special "kids day" set aside for our young members so they can learn about where their food comes from. We also have a lot of fun at our fall festival with a big pot luck, pumpkin picking, hay rides, etc. It's a great opportunity to meet other members and really generate the "community" in CSA.

Foxtail Farm is located just off Wisconsin Highway 35 between Osceola and Hudson.

Map to Foxtail Farm

2008 Foxtail Farm