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Welcome to Foxtail Farm's  2014-15 Winter CSA  

NOTE: Delivery Change!!

Due to the New Years day holiday, boxes scheduled for delivery on Thursday Jan. 1 will be delivered on Wed. Dec. 31.  

About the Winter CSA

Foxtail Farm has been a successful Summer CSA for over 15 years serving over 300 members. We are looking to challenge the idea that we need to go back to California organic when the first frosts hit the upper Midwest.  We have been doing Winter CSA deliveries for three years on a limited basis and are ready to make it our primary market. We will no longer be selling summer CSA shares so that we can concentrate all of our efforts on our winter CSA product. 

If you're sad when your summer CSA ends, join our winter CSA! 

What's this?...You can keep your summer CSA and have great local food all winter long as well?

Thats right! Our winter CSA starts after most summer CSA seasons end and it ends before most summer CSA seasons start. 

What's in The Winter CSA?  

  • Every box will have a mix of fresh greens from the field, frozen and/or vacuume packed veggies from the summer, breads, soups, humus, pesto, tomato sauce, pickles and other value added items from our commercial kitchen and storage crops from our three large root cellars like super sweet carrots, potatoes, squash, sweet potatoes,beets, onions etc.  
  • We will deliver a total of 8 boxes, one every three weeks with one skipped delivery in the end of January.  Our delivery dates are; Oct.30/Nov 1, Nov. 20/22, Dec.11/13, Dec. 31/Jan.3, (Skip Jan.22/24), Feb.12/14, Mar. 5/7, Mar. 26/28, April 16/18
  • We harvest for the first two deliveries from the field, then fresh greens from our 4 hoop houses for deliveries 3 and 4.  Vacuume packed veggies (sweet corn, broccoli, greens etc) for deliverys 5 and 6 then back out to the hoop houses for deliveries 7 and 8.  This in is addition to great stuff from the kitchen and the root cellars!   
  • With each box comes an informative newsletter containing news from the farm as well as recipes. 
  • Nothing is sweeter than carrots, spinach and kale harvested in the fall and winter! 
  • The price is 610.00 for eight deliveries (a value of 76.25 per box).  

 How to Join The Foxtail Winter CSA: 

Email us at

or call us at 715-294-1762

We can answer your questions and email you a sign up form.

Don't delay as memberships are limited. 

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